September on May


Tranquil. A peaceful interlude. That is what describes the island at the moment. It is closing in on the end of the visitor season, the seabirds have mainly left the island and the seals are starting to return but the island has a wonderful calming peace that makes it well worth the trip out at the moment. Plus the weather has been spectacular recently and looks to continue for at least another week.

The autumn bird migration is really starting to kick off, not with huge numbers of birds but a trickle of interest everyday. Numbers of whinchat peaked at 25, we have had a number of parties of tree sparrows passing through, a few predatory bonxies mooching around and this rather exciting chap yesterday, a barred warbler. These warblers don’t breed in the UK but rather live out in eastern Europe and get blown of course most years to end up on the island. This individual has made itself at home in the elder bushes at the Lowlight and is constantly stuffing itself with elderberries. This is giving it some very colourful poo (bright purple) but should also help to refuel it for the next stage of its journey.
The grey seal numbers are definitely rising and today was the first day when a bull appeared in the harbour giving us a challenging look as we trespassed in on his beach. The first pup could appear any day now and we will keep you up to date with any new arrivals.
And the visitors are still enjoying the island, when I first saw these two I thought they were doing a DIY sky burial but it turns out they were from Vermont.

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