Septic tank emptying day!!!!!

P1130177What is normally just a difficult job gets to be a lot harder when it is on the Isle of May. Such as emptying the septic tank.  And today was septic tank emptying day. High excitement.  Transporting 5 years worth of “contents” off an island 6 miles out in the North Sea, in a way that doesn’t affect the wildlife, or the surrounding seas (or the island residents) needs a bit of planning, …..and a helicopter.  After a few things not going to plan this morning eventually the sewage operatives managed to fill 4 metal canisters with nearly 4 tons of “contents” and mercifully everything went off without a drop being spilt. Hats off not only to the operatives who had a tough job but also the helicopter pilot who  put on a stunning display of flying without dropping anything.





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