YBW and the rest – today on the May

Just a few pictures from the May today:

The highlight was a yellow-browed warbler turning up today in the top trap.  Such a smart little bird to have flown all the way from beyond the Urals to the island. a few of these tiny feathered sprites turns up nearly every year on the Isle of May, always in the autumn in September and October.


Also blown in was a large wainscot, a rather fabulous moth that usually lives in reedbeds but somehow has found its way across to the island and into our moth trap. We think it is the first record for the island.
Today we are just glad that the fog seems to have finally cleared away so that we can at last see the mainland.  After a few days of no horizon and often no top of the island it starts to get a bit claustrophobic.

Once we could see the sea then we could see that there must be fish around the island again. A huge flock of some 5000 kittiwakes gathered around the island and about 30 shags were feeding in a group off the cliffs, this one was caught just as it jumped dived.

And finally the warm still summer has meant that some of the pools of the island have grown spectacular algal growths, fertilised by a season of bird poo. In places they make the most amazing patterns. IMG_1835

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