Roof gardening

P1130221 P1130228Chantal and I have been doing a bit of roof gardening. The green roof of the visitor centre is starting to live up to its name and is greening up nicely. We would like it to develop a vegetation that matches the island’s but also is good for terns to nest on. So we yesterday spent the afternoon weeding out all the plants we didn’t want that had sneaked in in the soil of the plugs. These included several species of poppy, docks, thistles, nettles, a cabbage, 2 snap dragons, a marigold, a bramble and a couple of roses.  Instead we would like to see sea campion, thrift and fescue grass growing up there. So to enhance to the original plantings we also scattered seed from island thrift and campion collected by Becky during the summer. It might take a few years of gardening and seed scattering but hopefully the roof will become spectacular in a few years as well as providing excellent nesting sites for the terns.

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