More birds – 16 Sept.

IMG_1880Things a bit busy at the moment with lots of birds on the island. It is proving difficult to find enough time to cover the island well what with all the normal island jobs to do (just in case my line manager is reading this) but have got about a bit.

These shrikes always causes a bit of interest from the paparazzi.

The headline for today was a rather spectacular great grey shrike found in a mist net. Not far behind was a very nice wood warbler. These birds used to be found annually on the island but this is the first record since 2011. In fact some of the ringers on at the moment have been coming out to the island for 30+ years and can remember similar falls of birds in similar weather but far greater numbers. This is the value of bird observatories as it can show the changes in overall population of bird species over a long period of time. It is a sobering thought that so many of our common birds, especially woodland birds such as wood warblers are decreasing rapidly. To give an idea of some of the other species found today here is a sample

garden warbler – 7, chiffchaff – 5, willow warbler – 10, pied flycatcher – 4, spotted flycatcher – 4, common redstart – 6, whinchat – 2, wheatear – 5, blackcap – 7, dunnock – 3, meadow pipit  – 150, tree pipit – 2, siskin – 3, chaffinch – 2, brambling – 3, kestrel – 3, sparrowhawk – 1, merlin – 1.


2 bramblings caught for ringing and showing differences in plumage.

30 years you might have added a 0 to each of those totals.

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