Farewell to the Mouse house

P1130141Sad news to longtime island visitors. I am afraid the announce that the Mouse house is no more.


P1130142The Mouse house is a large wooden shed that was built in the late 1960’s as accommodation on the island for mouse researchers, hence the name. From 1972 it was then used for over 20 years as accommodation by the seabird researchers and its last use was as the Isle of May visitor centre for another 15 years.  Recently the building has needed a lot of repairs to keep it going and has proved to be difficult to adapt to make it accessible for less able people so with our new visitor centre now fully functioning it was decided to demolish the Mouse house to tidy up the island landscape.  As ever we will reuse as much as possible with the interpretation displays already having been rehomed and the Isle of May Bird Observatory hanging around ready to scavenge anything they can use at the Lowlight. Any large pieces of wood will be stock piled for future use while the smaller bits will be cut up for firewood.

Though not a building of beauty it was home for the summer season on the May and so was held in great affection by many that stayed in there  and it will be missed. But it is important to keep the island landscape clear and it was the same with wartime buildings, when their usefulness comes to an end they need to be removed to prevent the island becoming too cluttered. We still need a name for the new visitor centre, and I hope it lasts as long and functions as well as the Mouse house has.


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