On The Move


One of many large skeins.

Over the last few days we have had various migrants passing through the island but yesterday we were treated to special event when over 1300 Pink-footed Geese flew overhead.  These birds are moving from their northern breeding grounds to spend the winter in the UK. It really was a spectacular site as hundreds at a time passed over head in large skeins calling on the way.  The first indication of the birds passing over is their distinctive call and gets people running out of buildings looking to the skies.


Cheeky Chiffchaff in one of the heligoland traps

There have been plenty of Robins, Goldcrests, Chiffchaff and Meadow Pipits around using the island feeding up before they carry on with their migration.  However  its not just these birtds that need to fed with a Sparrowhawk taking the opportunity to hunt these tired migrants.


Juvenile Hobby looking for insects.

The highlight of the week has been a Hobby that has been lingering for the last three days.  This agile raptor is an unusual visitor to the Isle of May and will soon be in its wintering ground in Africa feeding on flying insects and small birds.  But for now we can enjoy great views as it hawks for insects.

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