A special day to end the season

IMG_1975 IMG_1979Well that is it, the visitor season is over for the island for 2014. But what a day to finish. Over the weekend 120 people made it out to the island for a special open weekend to celebrate the end of the visitor season and to take a look at what is going on on the island at the moment.
IMG_2010Probably most popular was our first seal pup of the season who wasn’t very helpful on Saturday by hiding in a gully but did appear for a little swim around for most of the visitors on today. With telescopes set up visitors got a good view without upsetting its Mum and also got to see a few other grown-up seals also got in on the act by coming along to watch the watchers.

Back in Fluke Street Debbie Russell, one of the Sea Mammal Research Unit researchers was keeping a crowd happy with her tails of tagging seals. With some fancy programes and a laptop she was able to show to visitors how tagged seals fish around off-shore tidal turbines and follow undersea pipelines.

In the visitor centre Alex Tweedle, the Fife Council Biological Records Centre Officer and Sophie Eastwood, the RSPB East of Scotland Sea Eagle Project officer enlightened visitors about wildlife of the local area and Mark Newell of the Isle of May Bird Observatory gave a bird ringing demonstration the highlight being a 5 g goldcrest that was likely to have flown all the way from Norway. And finally in the South Horn was Claire our trusty storyteller and songstress filling the horn with fine sounds and tales.

All in all a great day to finish the season with. I haven’t added up the visitor numbers for the season yet but it is looking like it will be close to last years record number so a definitely a season of note.

But the blog doesn’t finish here. Bex and I will be on the island for another 2 weeks, tidying up and putting away stuff so we will keep you up to date with what it happening out here.


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