End of the shower ban?

IMG_2045Regular followers of the blog will know that during the summer we rarely have enough water for island residents in Fluke Street. In 3 of the last 4 years the drinking and washing water supply has run out and water has had to come over in on the island in containers. With less water available for residents washing has had to take a back seat unless you want a dip in the North Sea, and though the island residents quickly get used to these restrictions the  results can cause some consternation to visitors.

But hopefully this will be all in the past, because over the last 3 weeks a large water storage container is being built to gather winter water for use during the summer. When the water table on the island is at its highest but usage is at its lowest during the winter water will be pumped up into the tank and stored so that there should still be water available through the dry periods of the summer.  Of course it all sounds good in theory but with nothing ever going according to plan on the island we will see how it all works next season..and of course let you know as well.
P1130312This is not how the new water tank is meant to be used but is Neil, one of the contractors, finishing the fixings inside.

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