The little things

It was wet yesterday, a very welcome wet that was needed to fill up the well and tanks on the island. It was also a perfect day for getting on with office work but if you live somewhere like the Isle of May you still have to get out and about a bit, otherwise what is the point. But on a dreich day you tend to keep your head down and your horizons close in but even on such a day there are plenty of things to see, but sometimes they are the little things, small or quick and here are some.
It was only a brief encounter at the top of Greenface in fading light but a quick look up on both of our behalfs and I got a searing glance from a peregrine before it went on its way.

The rain had brought out the slugs on the paths, some of them big enough to trip over.  Whatever you might think about slugs they still look pretty good sliding over a William Morris backdrop of sea campion.P1130151
And down on the jetties the saea slaters are hiding. Lift anything up and there under it is a miniture Dr Who monster just staring at you.

And talking of closing in of horizons; as the light was fading the next curtain of rain drifted in from the west  taking with it the view of Bass Rock before reaching the island and drenching all.

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