How are the seals doing?

During seal season you always get the feeling that someone is watching you.

IMG_2160 P1130310Today was a quieter day with fewer birds about (only 1 yellow-browed warbler of note) and the swell have dropped considerable so our attention has be drawn to the seals. It has been a slow start to the season so far for the seals with only 9 pups born up till Monday.


Our first 2014 pup, now weaned from its Mum and looking like it has been on some good pasture.


A surviving seal pup down at Mill Door. Somehow it had managed to get up on a set of rocks high above the big waves.

Yesterday the beaches were getting quite a pounding so it was with some concern this morning that we checked the beaches where the pups had been already born. Our first pup, who has now been weaned from its mother, was happily lying near to its normal patch but higher up on the rocks looking fat and happy.

At Mill Door on Monday a female seal was seen with a dead pup but there was also one live one. Yesterday as the waves picked up the live pup was seen getting some protection from the waves from its mother as the tide came in so we were pleased to see it this morning lying high up on the rocks. How it had got up there I am not sure but it seems likely that its mother must have helped it a certain amount.

At Pilgrims Haven there had been 2 pups on the beach on Monday but this morning we couldn’t see any sign of either.

So the weather seems to have taken a toll on the early pups on the island. There is actually quite a high pup mortality on the island and though the exact reason for this are being investigated it seems that the high density of animals is likely to be one. These youngster have a precarious life as it is without having to deal with these extreme weather events. One of the possible problems of climate change is that extreme weather events are likely to happen more often so as the oceans warm up more pups are going to have to deal with events like yesterday. Is that motivation enough to want to do something yourself to stop climate chaos?


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