Seals and Gonzalo

happy immThe seal season is really kicking off on the island. CEH seabird researchers Mark Newell and Carrie Gunn headed over on Monday to the island to search out shags to read their rings and Mark has reports back below with a view of what is happening on the island during Hurricane Gonzalo:

“We were braced for impact and the arrival of what was once Hurricane Gonzalo began buffeting the isle in the early hours on Tuesday. It certainly made approaching the west cliffs tricky and kept what migrant birds were present to the lower lying areas. But it really is seal season now with pups appearing almost before our eyes and adults popping up when you least expect them.
seals pilgrims
Pilgrims beach is very busy now but the new borns were apparently unaffected by the winds as fortunately the direction was mainly north west and the tides are on neaps so there is plenty of beach to shelter on. However, some females have chosen to pup in seemingly inappropriate places such as the bottom of Cleaver.
wide mum at cleaver

mum at cleaverThis pup hasn’t been squashed by a falling pipe but has just got itself into a tight spot!




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