So how many visitors made it to the May this year?

P1110969Well the numbers have been added up and the results are in.

It has been another fantastic year for visitors coming out to the May. 2013’s total of 10890 beat the previous record year ( 2011) by over 1500 visitors and this years total of 10 676 is only 133 down on last year. Not bad for an island only open 6 months of the year and 6 miles out in the North Sea.
IMG_3766 (Small)IMG_6503 (Small)Looking in detail at the number of people that came over, the 2 fast RIBs, the Osprey from Anstruther, and the Seabird from the Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick both broke their records and showed just what a demand there is for people looking for an thrilling trip to the island. The numbers on the May Princess were down slightly on last year but 3 landings were lost due to a gear box failure and if she had sailed we would have had a record year. The excellent service offered by all three boats won them a lot of plaudits.

The weather also contributed as though we had a fine summer it wasn’t quite as settled as last year and dive boat and kayak numbers indicated this by dropping down to more normal levels compared to last year.

P1110063The new visitor centre also helped. Its launch helped to put the island on a few more peoples radar and gave many visitors the experience of a lifetime by allowing them to have an up front and personal tern event. P1110773
But in the end it is obvious that the island is just a fantastic place to visit and more and more people are hearing about it and wanting to get out there themselves. Though we do have our share of island groupies who come out every year, sometimes more, and we are always pleased to see them. And if after their visit they feel that they would like to do something to help the island and its inhabitants then all the better, mission accomplished, as that is the reason for inviting them out here in the first place. Anyone for next year?

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