Seal island

P1130477 I am out on the island for a couple of nights to see how the seal researchers are doing in the middle of seal season. At the moment seals rule and people have to fit around them. Large parts of the island are a no-go zone as someone walking through could, 1.- cause a mass stampede where pups could be crushed or abandoned or 2. – you could get your leg chewed, which could really spoil your day.P1130479 But following the advice of where to go from the seal researchers I spent so time looking over a wall at the Kirkhaven part of the colony. Though initially it appears seals don’t do very much if you watch a while you get to see all sorts of seal interactions going on. With mothers, feeding pups, weaners wriggling as they moult their baby white fur, females arguing and bull chasing females there is a lot going on. These pictures will give you just a bit of an idea as to what the island is like at the moment.
P1130481 P1130525


2 females in a disagreement about space and their pups.


No boats landing at the jetty please.


A bull seal being told whatfor by a female with a pup.




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