Rough out there

I am on the Mainland at the moment and can’t help think about the seal researchers out on the island at the moment. The weather has been wild, yesterday the island was appearing and disappearing as squalls of sleat and rain went through and though the cottages are sheltered and reasonably warm with plenty of fuel but fieldwork with the seals is a challenge in this sort of weather. The 3 remaining seal researchers from the Sea Mammal Research Unit are due to come off the island in the next few days, providing there is a weather window that allows it.  Below are a few views of the island yesterday from different places along the East Neuk.

Why not have a look at Pilgrims Haven and the seals getting a buffering from the south-westerlies on the Scottish Seabird Centre webcams here  –

P1150007 P1150009 P1150012

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