You took your time!


Blackbirds breeding on the Isle of May for the first time in 91 years!

Wednesday 20th May comments: We’ve been getting suspicious for some time but today the news broke that a nest containing four eggs was discovered on the Isle of May. This is no ordinary nest as we are considering having a round-the-clock watch put on the nest to protect the valuable contents as the species is a very rare breeder to the island.

In fact the last time the species bred on the island was 91 years ago…it’s that rare! And what is the species we are on about; a pair of Blackbirds. The Isle of May has very few passerines nesting (Pied Wagtail and Rock Pipits are the most regular) so we were delighted to confirm the nesting of Blackbirds for the first time since 1924.

I suspect we won’t be protecting the nest site with 24 hour watches, but its great news for the island and we are looking forward to seeing fledgling Blackbirds sometime in early June.

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