Sea-watch You Can See

Impressive! Killer Whales off the Isle of May today (Stuart Rivers)

Impressive! Killer Whales seen from the island back in May (Stuart Rivers)

This week is the National Whale and Dolphin Watch set up by the Sea Watch Foundation running from 25th July to 2nd August. There are various events being held to record all cetaceans around the coast of the UK, this gives a snap shot of the distribution and movements of these creatures.

Here on the May we are holding a special day on Wednesday where we will dedicate the whole day to looking for any cetaceans that may pass by and we are inviting everyone to come along and help out as more eyes looking will increase the chance of seeing a Harbour Porpoise or Minke Whale and the likes.

This year so far we have had a few sightings of Harbour Porpoise and Minke Whale, these are the most frequent visitors we have around the island but on one very special day in May we had a pod of 6 Orcas swimming past the east side heading north. So if you come along on Wednesday you never know what might turn up. Keep your eyes peeled from the boats too as Dolphin are quite common along the coast of the mainland, it was only on Saturday (25th July) that a pod of around 20 Bottlenose Dolphins were seen by the very lucky visitors from North Berwick as they made their way over.

For more information and other events go to:

To come out to the May please book boats through the following:

Anstruther – for tickets and details, see (May Princess) or (RIB Osprey).

North Berwick – For tickets and details, book online on the Scottish Seabird Centre website at or call 01620 890 202.

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