Going Solar


Dropping off the load in the Lighthouse compound.


Here they come.

All the materials for the concrete base.

All the materials for the concrete base.

Thursday 6th August comments: Yesterday saw the Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB) start the mammoth task of converting the Mainlight to solar power.  The first stage is to get everything needed onto the island , so this means a big boat and  helicopter.  Yesterday the Galatea moored off the east of the island and once personnel were present the shuttle runs began with the helicopter to-ing and fro-ing from the ship to the lighthouse.

With 100 tonnes of material and equipment to move with a helicopter that can carry half a tonne at a time, this means a lot of shuttle runs. This might seem a big operation but imagine what it would have been like to build the actual Lighthouse back in 1800’s without the aid of Helicopter and big ships. An incredible feat!

The operation is to last until Sunday but don’t worry the island is still open and there are still a few seabirds hanging on.


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