And The Counts Are In!


Eyes of a Razorbill

One of many breeding adults

'Bridled' Guillemots are stunning birds; about 5% of the islands population are bridled forms.

Another increase for the Guillemots

Friday 7th August comments: The counts are done and everything calculated and we can now bring you the population counts for 2015. Today is time for the Auks and over the next week we will bring you rest of the species so stay tuned.

Both Razorbills and Guillemots are up! The Razorbill population has increased 7% from last year to 3,202 pairs. This is the highest count since 2005 when 4,713 pairs were recorded.


The Guillemot population has also increased, to 15,945 pairs; an increase of 12% from 2014. Again, this is the highest recorded number since 2005.


These birds have strong site fidelity, with chicks often returning to breed in the same small area in which they were born. So this population increase could be a reflection of good breeding seasons in recent years, as birds generally return to breed when they are around four years old.

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