Super Seal Sunday

You looking at me? I'm a seal pup!

You looking at me? I’m a seal pup!

Pups feeding, mothers lazing (but keeping an eye on things)

Pups feeding, mothers lazing (but keeping an eye on things)

Its a Sunday...take it easy...

Its a Sunday…take it easy…

Boys will be boys...the bulls have started fighting

Boys will be boys…the bulls have started fighting

Sunday 11th October comments: In amongst all the excitement of the migrant birds, we should not forget our residents…the Grey Seals. Over the last few weeks more and more are arriving on the island to pup as the breeding season gathers momentum.

Over the next two months over 2,400 Grey Seal pups will be born on the island making it one of the largest colonies in the UK. Currently we have ten, a slow but expected start to the season. Those pups are doing well as the mothers have them well sheltered away from potential stormy seas and things are going well…so far.

However that might all change and over the next month we’ll be bringing you all the highs and lows of the Seal breeding season.

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