Ready to go!

secondpup coat

Pup at three weeks old now independent of mum

2nd coat pup island

After three weeks pups have put on a lot of weight!


Whilst some of the younger pups are still sleeping it off

Mating seals

And mating begins


Thursday 3rd December comments: Across the Isle of May good numbers of pups are now big enough and fat enough to be left by their mums and independence is around the corner.


After just three weeks, the pup has put on enough weight to moult its white coat and head for the open sea (good luck pups!). However for the cow seals, having lost almost half their body weight, its time to feed again and put on those vital pounds.


However that’s not before mating with a Bull seal, although cows will cleverly delay implantation for up to three months before becoming pregnant next spring and starting the entire cycle all over again.


The natural world never ceases to amaze and the Isle of May is a wonderful place to see it all happen.

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