Having A Whale of a time

Orca Fin

That’s no Shark… (Iain English)

Orca A (Stuart Rivers)

Orcas! (Stuart Rivers)

Orca B (stuart Rivers)

Total of seven Orcas seen together in late May (Stuart Rivers)

Minke Whale 2(Gordon McDonald)

An excellent summer for Minke Whale (Gordon McDonald)

Wednesday 9th December comments: It was a superb year for cetaceans around the Isle of May in 2015 with two major highlights occurring in May and August. On 28th May a pod of seven Orcas (Killer Whales) were seen swimming north up the east side of the island and were in view for a total of fifty minutes as they checked out the island seals. The amazing sight was witnessed by all the residents of the island and celebrations soon followed.

However in a close ‘second place’ for sighting of the year, a young Humpback Whale was watched breaching on several occasions off the north end of the island on 22nd August before heading off north. Alongside this, Minke Whales were recorded on eleven dates with a particular fine showing of three animals together in early August on a number of dates.

Other sightings included Harbour Porpoise recorded in seven months whilst Bottle-nosed Dolphins were seen on five dates. Although not a cetacean, a worthy mention should be given to a Basking Shark which was recorded below the Low Lighthouse in late September.

It just shows you the importance of the seas around the May, not just for the thousands of seabirds but also the marine life which lives below.

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