Moth on the May

Moth trap 2

The islands moth trap set up and ready to go

Pink-barred Swallow

One of many highlights; Pink-barred Swallow

IMG_6801 Tiger Moth

Bigger the better: Tiger Moth

Thistle Ermine 2

but small is nice; Thistle Ermine

Tuesday 15th December comments: The moth trap was run for 125 nights during the season from April-October with some good catches and rare discoveries. However weather (rain and wind) along with very occasional power issues meant the trap wasn’t run as much as much as we would have liked.

Despite this a total of seventy-seven different species were recorded during the year with the most numerous being the Silver Y moth. However the Marbled Coronet was recorded on the most number of nights as it was noted on sixty-nine nights from April to August. Interesting rare sightings included the islands first ever records of Pale Pinion, Elephant Hawkmoth, Pepper Moth, Double Lobed and Lesser Treble-bar.

Other scarce moths recorded included Small Phoenix, Hummingbird Hawkmoth, Poplar Hawkmoth, Grey Chi and Pink-barred Swallow. There were several micro moths identified with the highlight of two Thistle Ermine in the trap on 9 July only the second time this species has been recorded on the island (the first was in 2013).

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