Getting Ready to Go

Seal visitor centre

Almost over for another year

second coaters

Still a few ‘second coat’ Seal pups…

Seakl pup 1

…and one or two young pups still about 

Seal pup looking

but its time to leave and close the place down

Bare groundJPG

The action packed Seal colonies are now quiet

Thursday 17th December comments: That’s it, almost time to go. Over the next twenty-four hours we’ll be closing down the Isle of May after another successful season.

Tomorrow we’ll be bringing off the last of the Seal researchers, cleaning out the buildings and locking the doors. The Seal season is almost over, the birds have long gone and its time to leave the island to the wildlife.

However it won’t be long before we return and start all over again in early spring next year and I suspect between now and then, time will fly. I’ll bring you a full of update of the final moving day as we say goodbye to the May for 2015.

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