Goodbye Season 2015

Fat pup

Sleep well seal, see you next year

seal visitor centre

Goodbye pups! (by the visitor centre)

Full trailor

Quad packed and ready to go


Boxes ready to load…

Goodbye wave

..and goodbye! The Isle of May closed for another season.


Saturday 19th December comments: Finished! On Friday afternoon the final few seal researchers finished on the Isle of May and we were ready to leave.

After the usual packing, cleaning and closing down, everything was loaded onto the quad bike and taken to the boat to load. Two journey’s later and it was time to leave. As dusk approached we waved goodbye to another great season on the May to leave the seals and the island to their winter retreat.

It’ll be a few months before we return but I suspect that time will fly. Its been an epic season with lots of highlights and we look forward to the 2016 season.

However for now, we’ll be enjoying the comforts of the mainland, the hot baths and Christmas before we’ll start all over again.

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