Welcome to 2016


Puffins galore! 46,200 pairs all on one island!


Puffins to be seen from April-July


May Princess; one of three boats bringing visitors to the island


The mighty May cliffs packed full of seabirds!

Visitors enjoying the May

Visitors enjoying the seabird spectacular

Monday 4th January comments: We’ve said goodbye to the old year and welcomed in the new and now its time to start thinking about the spring and summer…because it Puffin time!

The Isle of May is one of the most spectacular wildlife sites you could wish to visit and supports one of the largest Puffin colonies in the UK (as well as 200,00 nesting seabirds). If  you want an island to yourself, with stunning wildlife, no landing charges and three hours to explore then the Isle of May is one of the most accessible islands that you can wish to visit.


As well as its amazing wildlife we’ve also got some impressive history with Scotland’s first ever Lighthouse as well as the main Light which will celebrate its 200th year this season. We’ve got a lot happening with some major announcements coming soon, so watch this space.

We open the island to the public from 27th March-2nd October this year and for access details, check out the three main boat companies who operate to the island:

May Princess (Leaves from Anstruther, Fife) http://www.isleofmayferry.com/

Osprey Rib (leaves from Ansthuther, Fife)  http://www.isleofmayboattrips.co.uk/

Seabird Rib (leave from North Berwick, Lothian)



And if you can’t visit, then keep on reading the blog! Happy New Year to everyone and looking forward to a new season.

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