Silent as a Mouse

Jetty area

Bare and battered by Seals


Nothing much growing, nothing much happening

North facinng

facing north; no puffins, no seabirds

Wednesday 20th January comments: Welcome back…almost. Today we’ve ventured over to the island for a two day stay to check everything over to see how the island has been coping during the winter storms.

As expected, all is well as the buildings were built to last having stood the test of time for over 200 years in some cases. The island looks bleak and baron at this time of year as apart from the occasional Shag, the seabirds are far away…but not for long.

In little over eight weeks we’ll be welcoming back Guillemots and Razorbills galore as well as the ‘fans favourite’ the Puffins. It’ll all be change but until then we’ll let the May have its rest because things will only get better from now on. We open our doors on 27th March so don’t miss out, book today!

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