May morning

Sunrise 1

Sunrise over the May

Owl 1

Up to 20 Short-eared Owls are present on the May

Seal area

Main Seal area is battered and bruised (but will recover)

Thursday 21st January comments: Following an overnight stay on the island, we’re glad to report all is well with the buildings and the island in general. At this time of year the island supports very little life away from roosting Shags and Cormorants, a small number of overwintering birds and the islands mice and rabbits.

Other than small numbers of Guillemots present in May waters our seabirds are far and wide as the majority won’t start returning until mid-March at the very earliest. However time is moving on quickly and we’ll soon be welcoming them back with open arms.

On the over-wintering birds front, the island is supporting an impressive number of Short-eared Owls with 20 currently present following a good year for voles and mice. In other sightings two Long-eared Owls were present, whilst a Barn Owl completed the Owl hat-rick. Other interesting sightings included Black Redstart and a scattering of Thrushes, whilst small numbers of overwintering Robins and Wrens were recorded.

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