Henry Eighth


The may being battered by a storm (Dave Pickett)

P1110814 (Large)

No chance of crossing that sea!

Tuesday 2nd February comments: Time ticks along as we welcome the month of February and in the matter of 53 days-time we’ll be opening our doors to the public (and the thousands of seabirds which make the May their home). However before then we have much to prepare for the new season and a few island visits planned…possibly.

The weather of recent has been dominating headlines as seasonal storms continue to batter the country and access to the island has been virtually impossible (thanks to Storm Henry!). All best laid plans have been scuppered as we’ve had three cancellations in recent weeks and I suspect we have more to come…

It all adds to the spice of managing an offshore island as Mother Nature always has the casting vote; the next time there is a board meeting I’m going to table the motion of some better weather and calmer seas please? Seconded anyone?

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