Winter Down

Eider looking

Eider drake looking at YOU!

Head shot Eider

Stunning heads of the drakes

Drake Eider

Male Eider

Nesting female eider

Over 1,000 pairs of Eider nest on the May

Wednesday 3rd February comments; The winter months on the Isle of May are generally quiet with very few seabirds present apart from the hardy Shags. However along the nearby coastlines Eider ducks have been rafting for the winter although things are starting to change as spring approaches…

Drake Eiders are now in full courtship display, as they are literally wooing females with their very distinctive ‘ah-ooo’ call (at the same time as throwing back their heads. The courtship is well worth seeing and if you get the chance, head to the coast and listen out; you’ll not be disappointed.

The efforts of the drakes does have a point as pair bonding takes place now to save time in the spring. Once March arrives mating will commence and by early April the first females will arrive to nest. Over 1,000 pairs nest on the Isle of May and April-May is a good time to see them nesting as they literally nest all over including the pathways (so watch your feet!).

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