Power to the People

on the way

Is it a bird?

Heli pad

Final checks before drop point

Fluke street drop


SAteady away

Skills…delivery of generator

On ground

Grounded and ready to be installed

Monday 8th February comments: Life on an island has its advantages but it also has its disadvantages. Today was one of those ‘island days’; as life is never straight forward or simple and having had our generator (our main source of power) break down on us in December then we needed a new one! At 700 kg that was never going to be easy…

So how did we do it? The sheer size and weight of the generator meant that lifting it onto a boat was virtually impossible so we had no choice; an airlift was needed. Just after midday the helicopter arrived, looked at the landing site and then expertly delivered the generator to the door of the engine room, within just a few metres of the door (impressive skills!).

The operation was a huge success although we now have the difficulty of moving it inside but that’s another matter. For now we are just happy it’s on the island and hopefully soon it will be bringing power to the people who live on the May.

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