Spring cleaning


Small numbers of Robins overwinter on the island

Spring on its way

Sea Campion germinating

gull on cliff

Guillemots on the cliffs

beach clean

The beach will need a clean…


Tuesday 23rd February comments: The signs of spring are slowly starting to creep their way onto the Isle of May as winter’s grip begins to ease. The Island at this time of year is quiet although there is evidence of life as small numbers of Wrens and Robins are over-wintering alongside our resident rabbits, mice and Grey Seals.

However look closely and the signs of spring are starting to show…Sea Campion is starting to germinate, Guillemots and Razorbills are checking out the cliff tops whilst Rock Pipits are starting to sing in territory. It won’t be long before we’re back full-time and we can open the island to our visitors…the countdown is on.

Yesterday birding highlights (Monday): Buzzard, Peregrine (pair), Mistle Thrush (scarce visitor to island), Skylark, Short-eared Owl 9, Black Redstart (present since January) Robin 8, Song thrush 2, Blackbird 8.

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