Dormant Season

Visitor centre Feb

Dormant season on the May; visitor centre looking cold and bare

Lighthouse wall

The main Lighthouse…200 years old this year

No rabbits

Difference between rabbit grazing and no rabbits!


Wednesday 24th February comments: It’s been a stunning week (for February!) as with bright sunshine, very little wind and crisp conditions, it’s just what we wanted for a week on the island. The season’s preparations continue as various pre-season tasks are underway including cleaning of the drinking water system, deep cleaning of the accommodation and general setting up.

Birdlife has produced a lingering Black Redstart, Buzzard and Sparrowhawk whilst a scattering of Thrushes has included 10 Blackbirds. At least 9 Short-eared owls are still present whilst a Long-eared Owl was noted this morning.

On the seabird front, a winter plumage Puffin was seen out at sea whilst good numbers of Razorbills and Guillemots are present. It won’t be long before we welcome thousands of seabirds and we open our doors on Saturday 26th March…so have you booked?

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