Fulmars Back in Town


Fulmars back on the May in good numbers

Spitting Fulmar

Watch out for the defensive mechanism; projectile vomit! 

Fulmar pair

Pair on the cliff ledges


Friday 26th February comments: Its been a fairly typical mid-February week on the Isle of May as the majority of seabirds remain far out to sea and in some cases, on the other side of the world. However slowly and surely the island is stirring as birds have started filtering back.

Razorbills and Guillemots have arrived back in May waters whilst a winter-plumage Puffin was present yesterday. Shag numbers are starting to increase around traditional breeding ledges, whilst Fulmars are evident across the entire island.

Fulmars are remarkable birds as they can live beyond sixty years of age and won’t breed until their eight years old. At this time of year pairs return to traditional nest sites around the island and will remain until the breeding season. There cackling calls can be heard all across the May at this moment and its a reminder that the seabird breeding season is not far away…

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