Discovering the May

Puffin take off

Puffins will touch land for the first time since last summer in late March

Puffins billing

Late March/early April will see early courtship displays amongst Puffins

Guilles galore

Thousands of Guillemots will return to the cliff ledges

Thursday 3rd March comments: It’s early March and the new season will be soon upon us. The island opens up to visitors from 26th March but what can people expect from those first few weeks out on the Isle of May?

In late March and early April the weather will have a direct link to activity on the island as calm, mild weather will encourage early breeding activity whilst stormy weather will drive the unsettled seabirds back out to sea. In those early weeks the island will hopefully provide;

  • Puffins back into ‘May waters’ with the first birds arriving on land (they will not have touched land since last August!)
  • Large numbers of Guillemots and Razorbills checking out the cliff ledges ready for the forthcoming breeding season
  • Shags constructing large nest structures and it’s well worth keeping eyes peeled for the first eggs; late March has been the ‘usual’ time for first laying in recent years.
  • Grey Seals; large numbers out of the water sleeping or scratching fur off as it’s the moulting season
  • Also watch out for anything else unusual as the first summer migrant birds will be starting to arrive including Wheatears, chiffchaffs and Swallows

The Isle of May opens from 26th March and for further details on how to visit check out the individual boat company website for costs:

May Princess (from Anstruther)

Osprey Rib (from Anstruther) 

Seabird Rib (From North Berwick)

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