Not long now…


The Isle of May…soon to be full of seabirds and wildlife


The Loch is a good location to see Eider ducks in good numbers

West cliffss

The spectacular west cliffs will be teaming with life

Tuesday 8th March comments: The countdown is on as in less than three weeks the Isle of May will open its doors as thousands of seabirds will return to nest whilst tourists will enjoy the wildlife spectacular.

Make a note in your diary; Saturday 26th March is when we’ll open and weather permitting will remain open throughout the spring and summer eventually closing on 2nd October. In late March the first Puffins should return alongside thousands of Guillemots and Razorbills. The Terns (Arctic and Common) are still in the southern hemisphere so won’t be back until early May.


However to get you in the mood, don’t forget we have a free evening talk starting 19:30 at Dreel Hall in Anstruther next Monday evening – all welcome with teas and coffees provided. The Isle of May is about to come alive….

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