Puffins galore!


Puffins on the May taken last summer

Puffin in flight

Back in town…the islands Puffins

Tuesday 15th March comments: Welcome back Sea Parrots! Today marked an important day in the seabird calendar as huge numbers of Puffins returned to Isle of May waters. Small numbers started to arrive at the weekend but today witnessed the largest arrival with several thousands rafting around the May.

Having spent the winter (actually since last August) out on the open sea as far away as the North Atlantic, these charismatic seabirds have returned as the seabird breeding season approaches. Over the next week or so numbers will increase although the birds will remain unsettled and any strong wind will push them back out to sea.


However by the end of the month the birds will be landing on the island and then we really will have a seabird season on ours hands! Its great to have the Puffins back and we look forward to the season ahead; are you joining us? Come and visit and witness the largest east coast Puffin colony in the country, you’ll be impressed.

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