Return of the May


New kit ready to go….

Booking hut

Booking office being scrubbed up


May Princess repainted and ready to go

Friday 18th March comments: The Guillemots and Razorbills have returned, the Puffins are heading back and now it’s time for the human occupants to return to the Isle of May. Over the last few weeks we’ve been gearing ourselves up for a return to the island as new equipment has been purchased, checked, serviced and is now ready to go.

On Monday the big move to the island is on, as everything but the kitchen sink is being moved out in preparation for the new season. The island opens its doors on the Easter weekend (first day of opening is 26th March) and we’ll be living, sleeping and breathing the Isle of May for the next nine months or so.

As usual we’ll be bringing you all the news and views from the island and watch out for Monday’s blog update…fingers crossed the weather behaves and the boat sails. Isle of May here we come….

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