Seabird Season Starts


Stunning Shags; first eggs discovered today


2 Puffins return

First Puffins touch land on the Isle of May today

Sunny march!

March? really? Stunning weather continues

Tuesday 22nd March comments: Our first full day back on the Isle of May and it proved to quite significant in the seabird calendar. The mild weather of recent has been encouraging some seabirds to settle, especially Shags and today we discovered the first eggs of the season. In recent years the laying date has been during this late March period but it is still 19 days earlier than the long term average.

Not only were the first Shag eggs discovered, but the first Puffins also landed; a monumental occasion as the birds have not touched land since last August. Having overwintered in the North Sea or North Atlantic, these magical birds have arrived back to the island early and its great to have them back.

However for us it was back to the big move and more sorting and organising, as we prepare for our opening on Saturday. With Puffins back, Shags on eggs and good weather ahead, it really does feel like spring!

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