Busy week

SNH Lads

The SNH team who helped (from left to right) Tom, Simon, Daryl and Blair


hard at work creating habitat for nesting Terns

Fluke Street

Fluke Street, our home for next nine months

Saturday 26th March comments: It’s been a busy first week on the Isle of May as the we’ve settled back into island living and everything that goes with it. On Monday we moved across to the island and since then we’ve been cleaning, sorting, organising and lifting in preparation for the new visitor season.

The week could not have been the success it has been without the help of four SNH team members from other Scottish reserves including Tom, Simon, Daryl and Blair who have been great help throughout and have certainly lifted a lot of stuff this week. It’s also been a good incite into island life and the weather certainly helped (as well as the odd puffin or two!). Thanks lads, you done the May proud!

Now we focus our attention to visitors and hopefully today we’ll welcome our first people to the island. the may will be officially open to visitors, exciting times ahead.

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