On your marks…

Shag nest

Our first nesting Shags on the May

Shag head

At this time of year; funky crests!

Shag nest 2

The nesting season begins

Monday 28th March comments: Whilst the Auks (Guillemots, Razorbills and Puffins) are all back out to sea due to the poor weekend weather, it was time to focus on one of our star residents; the Shags.


Just over 400 pairs of Shags nest on the May and the first birds are already incubating as the first eggs were discovered on 22nd March. Although this is early, its become the norm of recent years and with the mild late March weather it came as no surprise that the birds started early. With other nearby North Sea colonies also revealing early starts including St.Abb’s head and the Farne Islands, the seabird season has begun!

Hopefully as weather settles, we should see Puffins return and then gradually more species will be joining the breeding season as spring advances. Up next/ the Eider duck, as females should be on eggs by about 10th April

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