Beach clean…


30 meter stretch of beach; Pilgrims Haven, needing a litter pick

Trailor full!

The rubbish collected along short section

Back full

Everything but the kitchen sink


Tuesday 29th March comments: As part of the opening up of the island, we took on the job of cleaning Pilgrim’s haven, a small rocky beach at the south-west end of the island. The beach, only about 30 metres in length was cleaned and the result was rather shocking…

During the clean we collected everything from bike tires to aerosol cans but without doubt the biggest pollutant was plastics. Plastic in all forms from bottles and hair clips to buckets and drums, the beach had it all. It just shows you the impact of man, as a small beach on an island six miles out to sea can produce so much waste.

Its a sad sight to see but the good news is that’s its been removed and will pose no further threat to the wildlife of the May. We’ll keep on cleaning the beach throughout the summer but it’s just a gentle reminder of the impact we have on our environment.

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