March ending

Winter plumage

Puffins back and some still in winter dress (left birds)

Eider pair

First Eider ducks now prospecting


look who’s back; Bex returns for a third year

Thursday 31st March comments: Its been another good day on the May as the Puffins timed it well with our visitors; huge numbers were present with visitors enjoying the great views of these early returnees.

In other seabird news, the first pairs of Eiders have started prospecting for nest sites on the island; over 1,000 females nest on the island and it won’t be long before the first eggs are discovered. Elsewhere Guillemots and Razorbills were in attendance whilst a few more Shags were on incubating eggs. The season is slowly building and its great to be open with seabirds present.

Other noticeable news events today included the return of Bex for her third year on the island and she has plenty to live up to following her discovery of two ‘firsts’ for the island last year; Red Grouse and Pallid Harrier (so no pressure). Its great to have her back and we’ll look forward to a cracking summer ahead. And all that leaves is you! Are you joining us?

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