It’s raining…birds!


Conditions were poor today; there is a lighthouse in that mist!


Plenty of Redwing on island as they head north


Good scattering of Goldcrest today

Monday 4th April comments: It’s raining….birds! It’s that time of year that if we get favourable winds (easterly winds with fog/rain) then the island can be inundated with migrant birds and today proved just that case. As birds move from their wintering grounds further south (in some cases the southern hemisphere) birds will stop off to feed and shelter if caught out by poor weather.

The same applies for those trying to leave the UK having overwintered like Fieldfares and Redwings as they move back north to breed. Again, poor weather will catch them out and they’ll seek refuge on the island.

The end result is a great mix of birds as today we welcomed our first Blackcaps, Wheatears and Swallows from the south, whilst Fieldfares, Brambling and Redwing are all trying to depart. It’s been a good day for migrant arrivals and what will the rest of spring bring? Watch this space…

Today highlights: Ringed Plover, Merlin, Swallow 2 (first of the year), Short-eared Owl 2, Wheatear 4 (first of the year), Black Redstart, Fieldfare 100, Redwing 50, Song thrush 10, Blackbird 25, Grey Wagtail 1, Dunnock 10, Robin 15, Chiffchaff 5, Blackcap 2 (first of the year), Goldcrest 25, Brambling 4, Chaffinch 2, Common Redpoll 1 and Goldfinch 2.

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