Early Start



The May at dusk


Moody skies over the island

Redstart 1

third earliest ever Redstart



Thursday 7th April comments: The weather has cleared and the clearance has begun. Over the last few days huge numbers of migrating birds have descended onto the May due to a combination of time of year and poor weather. However as the weather system has cleared, the birds have now continued on their way.

Despite birds leaving, other have arrived as a stunning Redstart arrived yesterday, the third earliest ever for the Island (following individuals on 4th April 1955 and 4th April 1988). These upland woodland breeders have been wintering in Africa and this bird was just fresh in.

However as the weather settles we’ll be lo0oking back towards our breeding seabirds as their season continues to gather momentum and the first Guillemot and Razorbill eggs will not be very far away.

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