70 years of the low light

Low Light bird obs

Bird Observatory at the Low lighthouse 

Bird ringing

Valuable bird ringing still continues to this day

Thursday 14th April comments: The Isle of May is special for so many reasons, from its magnificent seabird colonies to the rocky reefs on the protected east side. However it’s also a very important as a bird migration station and it boasts the longest continuous running Bird Observatory in the British Isles having been started in September 1934.

Although the Bird Observatory was founded in 1934, it was to close during the autumn of 1938 as the international situation became acute as World War approached and the Admiralty took control to base themselves on the island throughout the duration of the war.

However good news followed as on 13th April 1946 the Bird observatory reopened and bird migration was once again studied through bird ringing and daily census. There was also some more positive news as the observatory moved into new accommodation; the Low Lighthouse and it remains in the building to this day.

So congratulations to the 70 years of the Bird Observatory (Happy Birthday!) at the low Lighthouse and long may it continue for future generations to enjoy and study the amazement of bird migration.

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