Is it Late?

Shag nests

Shags well established on nests since late march

Empty cliffs

Cliffs generally empty

Empty island 2

Puffin…nuffin…empty island tops

Saturday 16th April comments: Over the last seven days we’ve been asked about the seabird breeding season and is it late this year? Seabirds react to temperature and weather and the mild conditions in March encouraged the early nesting of Shags (on eggs by 22 March). However since then things have got a lot colder…

Over the last two weeks a northerly airflow (bringing cold northerly air) has been stuck over the island resulting in a slow start for all other nesting seabirds. Having seen thousands of Puffins arrive on the May, the last five days has seen a lack of any Puffin action. The other Auks (Guillemots and Razorbills) have also been elusive in their nature and even the Eider ducks are struggling to get going.

However despite the slight delay, the season is still early and overall the breeding season is on track and we predict several species will be on eggs within the next seven days (and fingers crossed that includes Puffins). You heard it here first. And if you don’t believe us, come out and visit, it is well worth a trip out!

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