Puffins on eggs!

1 Puffin may

Isle of May Puffins now on eggs

2 puffin island

Puffins have returned in huge numbers

3 untitled

A great place to see them…Puffins galore

Wednesday 20th April comments: Bingo! Just like that we’ve discovered our first Puffins incubating eggs. It’s been a strange few weeks as the cold weather front which has been dominating has not encouraged early laying and Puffins (at times) have been non-existent on the island.

It was only yesterday (following a ridge of high pressure weather bringing lovely calm sunny conditions) that the birds returned to the island in numbers and today we discover the first eggs. Only small numbers are on eggs but it’s a start and over the next few weeks the majority of the colony will be nesting.

Puffins lay a single egg and will incubate for forty days before the chick will hatch meaning we should have our first chicks by end of May. Then the real fun begins as adults will become fully occupied with bringing in food throughout the day and with over 46,000 pairs, it really is worth seeing…so you with us? Boats sail daily weather dependent.

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