Hello…Anybody home?

3 looking good but empty

Looking good but…

1 Empty ilsnad

Nuffin! the scene on Saturday…no Puffins

2 empty cliffs

And the cliffs are empty as well!

Sunday 24th April comments: It’s been a very strange start to the seabird breeding season. The Auks (Puffins, Guillemots and Razorbills) arrived early in mid-March following settled mild weather but since the turn of this month that has all changed…

The weather systems changed and we’ve been dominated by cool northerly winds over the last few weeks, sometimes strong on occasions. As a result it delayed the breeding season until more settled weather arrived and we discovered our first Guillemot and Puffin eggs on 17th and 20th April respectively. However since then, we’ve returned to more cold northerly winds and the birds have departed once again.

This weekend we’ve had an almost total absence of all Auks and Kittiwakes on the island and with strong northerly winds forecast for Monday-Tuesday, we don’t see things improving. So despite the odd occasional nester, we are starting to creep into a late season as it’ll probably be mid-week before eventually the weather settles, the birds will return and then the season will properly start!

And all this has been happening whilst the Shags have been happily incubating (they’ve been on eggs since 22nd March). It’s a crazy seabird world out here!

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