Eider Down

Edier from a far

Spot the nesting Eider?

Eider nesting Rona

Tucked up on her nest amongst the broken branches

Eider pair

Eiders galore across the island

Eider rocks

With plenty more to follow

Tuesday 26th April comments: So it’s cold and we have even had a bit of snow fall but for our seabirds, life goes on and the breeding season has to continue. Although the auks have been unsettled our Shags and Eiders are just getting on with business as usual.

Since the first nesting female Eider was discovered on eggs on 18th April, the number of incubating birds has increased daily. The Isle of May supports the largest Eider population down the east coast of the UK with just over 1,000 females nesting annually and this year we’ll be counting again to get an exact number.

It’s a great time to visit the island to see Eider ducks (we counted 532 across the island yesterday) as the Loch in the centre of the island has become a huge displaying ground for the males to impress the females (with their impressive cooing display calls). However we’ll have to wait until the end of to find out exactly how many we have nesting. Guesses anyone?

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